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In-Person Auctions

An in-person car auction is an event where vehicles are put up for sale to the highest bidder. It takes place in a physical location, such as an auction house or a designated venue, where potential buyers can attend the auction in person.

In an in-person car auction, registered bidders gather at the auction location and bid on the vehicles that are presented on the auction block. The auctioneer starts with an opening bid, and interested bidders raise their hands to place their bids. The bidding continues until there is only one bidder remaining, and that person wins the vehicle.

To participate in an in-person car auction, you need to register beforehand. Registration requirements include providing identification, proof of residence, and a deposit. Once registered, you can attend the auction and bid on the vehicles that interest you.

Yes, in-person car auctions allow potential buyers to inspect the vehicles before the auction begins. This inspection period gives you the opportunity to assess the condition of the vehicle and determine its value. It’s important to carefully inspect the vehicles you’re interested in and consider any potential repairs or issues.

Test drives are not allowed at in-person car auctions. However, you can check the interior, and examine the vehicle’s features.

Winning a bid at an in-person car auction is considered a binding contract. If you change your mind or fail to complete the payment, you will face consequences such as losing your deposit.

Online Auctions

You will need to register on the auction website and provide your personal and payment details. Once registered, you can search for available vehicles, place bids, and monitor your bids throughout the auction.

We will provide a detailed description and pictures of the vehicles, but you may not be able to physically inspect the car before bidding.

Once the auction has ended, you will be notified if you have won the bid. You will then need to complete the payment process, arrangements for pickup or delivery of the vehicle will then be made.

Yes, there is a deposit of R25 000 associated with participating in the online car auction.
It’s important to read the auction website’s terms and conditions carefully to understand all the fees associated with the auction.

To participate in our online car auction, you will need to meet certain requirements including paying a deposit of R25 000 and providing a valid ID and proof of residence for approval to bid.

To register for the online car auction, you will typically need to follow the registration process. This will  involve providing personal and payment information, as well as agreeing to the auction website’s terms and conditions.