Welcome to the Creative Rides showroom

a showroom with a difference.

A collection of some of the most desirable and iconic cars in Southern Africa… and may we modestly add, probably one of the most eclectic collections of cars for sale, almost anywhere in the world. 

As one of our clients said when he saw in our showroom an Aston parked next to a GTO, next to an E Type Jaguar, next to a rare Landrover 111A, alongside a customised hot-rod, next to a Ferrari, next to a stunningly beautiful, beefy Bentley, “ You have them all here, in your showroom, from the insane to the classical.”

And that indeed is our criteria for the cars that we show and sell. They must be interesting and unusual, some of the most Creative Rides that the top designers have conceived and that the world of diverse manufacturers through the ages have ever built. From the rare European cars to the Detroit muscle cars and the resto-mods that can blow-away any modern motor.

We usually have more than 100 cars lined up for you to see, and we hope you will buy, at least one. And keep a tradition of perfection and excellence alive on our roads, for all to see and admire.

Indeed, Creative Rides is a celebration of the most beautiful, bewitching and often the most pioneering cars ever produced. And sadly, they are getting rarer everyday.

We thank you for visiting us virtually on our website, and when the time comes for you to look a little closer, and see us in reality, we look forward to greeting you in our purposely-built showroom here in Bryanston.

Enjoy your day.

Kevin Derrick


All bidders need to register before the start of the auction. Creative Rides requires various documentation as well as a deposit. Once our team has verified your documentation, you will receive bidding approval. 

Featured Cars Going On Auction

on 18 March 2023


    Year: 1979
    Make: Alfa Romeo
    Model: GTV 2000
    Mileage: 5390km (indicated)
    Transmission: Manual
    Condition: Good
    Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder
    Exterior: Red
    Interior: Black
    Wheels: 14 inch Factory alloy
    Tyres: Continental, 15/15
    History: None
    Paperwork: Used Status On RC1 Title Document
    Drive: RHD



    Year: 1969
    Make: Chevrolet
    Model: Corvette (C3)
    Mileage: 29324km (indicated)
    Transmission: Automatic
    Condition: Good
    Engine: 5.0L V8
    Exterior: Yellow
    Interior: Black
    Wheels: 15-Inch, OEM
    Tyres: BF Goodrich
    Drive: LHD
  • 2017 BMW M4 GTS

    Year: 2017
    Make: BMW
    Model: M4 GTS
    Mileage: 7240km (Indicated)
    Transmission: Automatic
    Condition: Great
    Engine: 3.0L 6-cylinder
    Exterior: Black
    Interior: Black
    Wheels: 20-inch, Factory Alloy
    Tyres: Michelins
    History: At Agents
    Paperwork: Yes
    Drive: RHD

    Year: 1986
    Make: Mercedes Benz
    Model: 500SL
    Mileage: 150429 miles (Indicated)
    Transmission: Automatic
    Condition: Good
    Engine: 5.0L V8
    Exterior: Silver
    Interior: Blue
    Wheels: 15-inch factory alloy
    Tyres: Road Performance 38/17
    History: Partial History
    Paperwork: Used Status on RC1 Title Document
    Drive: RHD
  • 2009 Harley Davidson TC 88 Bagger

    YEAR: 2009
    MAKE: Harley Davidson
    MODEL: TC 88 Bagger by Arlen Ness
    MILEAGE: 61135km (Indicated)
    CONDITION: Excellent
    ENGINE: 1700cc V-TWIN
    EXTERIOR COLOR: Grey & Gold
    WHEELS: 23-Inch
    TYRES: Vee rubber tires
    HISTORY: Yes
    PAPERWORK: Used status on RC1 title document
    Drive: Centered



    Make: Mercedes-Benz
    Model: 280TE
    Mileage: 185561KM (Indicated)
    Transmission: Automatic
    Condition: Good
    Engine: 2.8L 6-cylinder
    Exterior: Green
    Interior: Cream
    Wheels: 14-Inch factory bundt
    Tyres: Khumo, 24/07
    History: Yes
    Paperwork: Used status on RC1 title document
    Drive: RHD



    Year: 1991
    Make: VW
    Model: Caddy
    Mileage: 61682KM (Indicated)
    Transmission: Manual
    Condition: Great
    Engine: 1.6 Litre
    Exterior: Blue
    Interior: Black
    Wheels: 13-Inch factory alloys
    Tyres: Good Year
    History: Yes
    Paperwork: Used status on RC1 title document
    Drive: RHD

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