July 2022

Montecasino Auction


Cars Auctioned

R3 400 000

Highest Bid of the day

2 000+


A Flagship Auction...

In July 2022, we proudly hosted a flagship classic car auction at Montecasino. As the team behind Creative Rides, specializing in American and European Classics, we brought together a collection of about 115 cars. Our founder, Kevin Derrick, curated this selection by reaching out to top collectors in South Africa. Montecasino’s ambiance perfectly complemented our high-quality offerings and provided a convenient space for international bidders.

The diverse range of vehicles spanned prices from around R45,000 to potentially R3.5 million, catering to collectors of all levels. Highlights included the rare E30 BMW 325 iS, the captivating E92 BMW M3 Frozen Edition, and the distinctive Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0l V6.

From muscle cars to roadsters, the lineup was impressive. Treasures like the 1958 Corvette convertible, 1930s Ford V8s, and the sought-after 1990s BMW M Coupe stole the spotlight. Notably, the iconic resto-mod ’73 Dodge Charger and hidden Ferraris added excitement. The presence of a prized 1958 C1 Corvette in original colors was a crowning touch.

Our goal was an unforgettable experience for collectors and enthusiasts alike, breaking records at both pricing ends. The Montecasino event celebrated classic car culture’s enduring appeal, an honor for us to be part of.

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