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A Tribute to Motoring Passion

In December 2020, Creative Rides hosted South Africa’s largest estate collection of collector cars, the Louis Coetzer Collection. This remarkable event celebrated the diverse automotive passions of the late Louis Coetzer, an individual whose life revolved around his love for cars.

Louis Coetzer’s fascination with automobiles began with collecting hubcaps and evolved into a comprehensive collection that included Dinky toy cars and a wide range of real vehicles. He not only owned these cars but also served as a concours judge and chaired the Mercedes-Benz Club in South Africa’s central region.

Tragically, Louis Coetzer and his wife, Hermann, lost their lives in a 4×4 trail accident in January, but their automotive legacy lived on through their meticulously curated collection.

This collection was a testament to Louis Coetzer’s diverse automotive interests. It featured an impressive array of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, along with various left- and right-hand drive models and American classics.

Kevin Derrick of Creative Rides aptly noted that each new owner of a car from this collection became a custodian of motoring passion, foresight, and history—an homage to the remarkable Louis Coetzer.

Approximately 139 vehicles were available for auction, including a special 1973 Chevrolet Ranger 2-door coupe whose sale proceeds would benefit a charity chosen by the Coetzers’ three children.

While there were discussions about preserving the collection as a car museum in South Africa, Louis Coetzer’s daughter, Lida van der Merwe, believed that the auction was a more fitting tribute to her father’s memory. It allowed passionate collectors to become the proud stewards of these exceptional vehicles, preserving and celebrating Louis Coetzer’s enduring passion for the world of automobiles.

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